Cult classic Planescape: Torment is getting an Enhanced Edition


Planescape: Torment has always been an odd duck even when it was released back in 1999. Although set in the universe of the popular Dungeons & Dragons RPG, Planescape is one of the franchise’ most alien campaigns. And even among story-centric RPGs of its generation, Torment’s dialogue-heavy flavor almost makes you feel like playing a choose your own adventure game. It’s exactly because of those factors that Planescape: Torment has become one of the most notable titles in gaming history, and is now being honored with its very own Enhanced Edition.

Unlike most games that has you trying to save the world, Planescape: Torment has a more philosophical bent and has the player trying to save him or her self instead. “What can change the nature of a man?” is the question that pervades the entire game, a characteristic that is both unique and revolutionary even in the golden age of computer RPGs.

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Planescape: Torment ended up being an unexpected runaway success and helped catapult game designers like Chris Avellone into stardom. Although a sequel never came to pass, a “spiritual successor” landed just last month in the form of the highly successful Torment: Tides of Numenera, and even lengthier text-heavy RPG that trades weird high-fantasy for weird science fantasy.

Torment is one of the games that utilized BioWare’s Infinity Engine which was also used to create other popular D&D computer games like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale. Those classics now have their Enhanced Editions, so it’s only fitting that Planescape; Torment would get the same royal treatment as well, from the very same people who brought those other Enhanced Editions.

The Enhanced Edition brings support for 4K, properly scaling the user interface for high resolution screens. “Modern” features like area zooming and quick loot are also added, but all of these can be turned off if players want to experience the original Torment in all its glory. Chris Avellone has also lent a helping hand in making sure that the new Edition is as faithful to the original as it can be. And, for the first time, Torment will be available, natively and officially, on mobile, both on Android and iOS.

Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition becomes available 11th April. You can already put in your pre-order on Steam, GOG, and Beamdog for $19.99. Mobile editions will cost $9.99.

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