Google Actions Challenge igniting new app development for Assistant


The folks at Google responsible for lighting fires in the bellies of developers have revealed a program called the Google Actions Challenge. In this challenge, developers are asked to create mind-blowing apps that make use of Google Assistant in its newest incarnation. These apps will be new – and must be new as in not submitted before May 17 of 2017.

The term “Actions on Google” covers the “platform that allows developers to build for the Google Assistant on Google Home, eligible Android phones, iPhones, and soon everywhere else the Assistant is available.” In other words – this is the place to be for Google’s next big set of moves. This is the place where Google is putting their dev chips.

Everyday average Android users will benefit from this challenge in the final product: excellent apps. A push by Google to make an app with a specific set of tools like this has great potential to make software that’s game-changing. A developer that takes advantage of a program like this can find themselves at the center of a lot of attention from just the right people to launch their big-time developer career.

The Actions on Google Developer Challenge asks that developers create awesome apps for the Google Assistant. The first places these apps will need to go is Google Home, Android, and the iPhone. Being selected by Google in this challenge for having created an excellent app means the possibility of getting a trip to Google Headquarters and tickets for Google I/O 2018 – and $10k, no big deal. Second place includes a $7,500 prize, while third place gets a cool $5,500 – and there’s a bunch of other prizes, too, and not just for being the best overall.

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Developers will be judged based on the following criteria:
• Creativity – How new or original is your app?
• Relevance – Does your app serve a user need?
• Quality – How well does your app provide a good user experience and follow Google’s design best practices?
• Usage – How many users has your app acquired and how much are they using it?

Apps must be approved by August 31st, 2017 – and submissions can be made more than once. As Google suggests, “It can take a few submissions before an app is approved, so try to submit your app early.”

Developers are asked to submit their Project ID from submission-ready apps with the submission form in time for the end of the challenge. Developers that have questions that aren’t addressed by the Actions on Google “Actions Challenge” FAQ site are directed by Google to send questions to with speed.

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