Google Home multi user support is on the way at last


Google Home has won itself a fair few fans in the battle for best smart speaker, but it still needs to play catch up to Amazon’s Echo and Alexa platforms in a couple of areas. One of those areas is support for multiple users – Alexa allows users to change Amazon accounts once those users have been added to the same household, but thus far Google Home does not.

That could all be changing shortly, as a new update to the Google Home apps adds a new card for multiple users. The kicker is that the card doesn’t have any function just yet, but the fact that it’s there is encouraging for folks who have been waiting for this feature. Hopefully its appearance means that the roll out of multiple users on Google Home is just around the corner.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that support for multiple users might be coming to Google Home, but it probably serves as the best evidence we have to suggest it’s coming. Unfortunately, an image of the card – which was shared by Owen Williams on Twitter – doesn’t tell us how users will switch between accounts. Will it be done in app or can it be done through voice commands? Here’s hoping it’s the latter option.

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It’s been a big couple of weeks for Google Home. Not only is support for multiple users seemingly on the horizon, but Google recently sent its smart speaker across the Atlantic. On April 6, Google Home and Google WiFi launched in the UK after spending a few months exclusive to the US.

We’ll keep an ear to the ground for more information on this highly anticipated Google Home feature. For now, Google is remaining tight-lipped, but with the Google Home app now referencing multiple users, it can’t be much longer until some official details surface. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Owen Williams