Samsung Galaxy S8 is still expected to sport the 3.5mm headphone jack: Reports


The hope of tech enthusiasts around the globe is now hinged on Samsung’s next flagship release — Galaxy S8. There have previously been rumors that the Korean giant too was following pursuit to Apple and removing the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack. But fresh reports now suggest that the said port might actually stay intact. Samsung isn’t willing to take this leap of faith as of yet.

Towards the end of last year, SamMobile reported that the Korean giant was mulling the removal of the headphone jack. But, it is now going back on its own report suggesting that the jack wouldn’t be removed in this flagship (maybe, the next one). These claims are being voiced on the basis of leaked renders of a mobile case, potentially for the Galaxy S8. And one can easily notice the existence of the cutting for the jack. As for other features, they are expected to be quite the same as seen in the attached case renders.

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This report of the headphone jack staying intact for the Galaxy S8 launch has further been corroborated by Android Police. It is citing some personal sources to confirm the existence of the 3.5mm jack on the smartphone. Further, it adds that previous reports of the jack not being on the phone were hastily reported. Back then, Samsung was still in the process of figuring out the specifications of the device. And now, it could be confirmed as the scheduled launch date is almost in sight.

As for other hardware features, they are expected to be quite the same as seen in the attached case renders. Samsung will most likely include the USB Type-C charging port and only pack a single rear camera as opposed to another latest trend. The case also shows off the speaker grill on the bottom of the phone.

Last year, all the new smartphones started moving towards a digital experience leaving the analog 3.5mm headphone jack behind. Starting with the Apple iPhone 7, which has been a trendsetter, we saw the headphone jack lose its charm. This trend has now caught fire and most Android OEMs are now toying with the idea of getting rid of the same.

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Moto Z, HTC U Ultra and many other have already accepted the true fate of this generation old technology. Samsung, however, still wants to offer its users a ubiquitous technology and make Galaxy S8 a decent product offering. This launch being very important, in light of its recent explosive events.