Samsung plans a Galaxy Note 8 launch event in NYC this August


Samsung’s highly valued Note series hit a massive blockade last year, when its latest flagship under the series suffered sever battery issues. Note 7 was a nightmare, which even global airlines keep Samsung reminding of. But its time to move on, its time for Note 8.

Yup. According to a report published by Reuters today, Samsung’s bounce back device for the Note series — the Note 8, could launch as early as this August. The Korean electronics giant is planning an event in the second half of August this year, in the New York City. The report pretty much corroborates previous stories on the launch date.

The source cited by Reuters further detailed, that the Note 8 — as has been the case previously — will feature an S8-ish curved screen. Dimensionally, it will be a tad larger than the 6.2 inch screen the S8 sports. As is the case with most modern devices in the post iPhone 7 Plus-era, the Note 8 will feature a dual camera setup. The has-to-be-forgotten Note 7 had a 5.7 inch curved display with a single rear camera.

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According to previous reports, the Note 8 might not feature a display integrated fingerprint sensor, a technology most smartphone makers are eyeing for but hasn’t really seen adoption. Instead of an on-screen fingerprint sensor, the company opted to offer fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone, despite users finding it inconvenient in currently equipped phones. While Samsung wanted to offer something new in this regard, the time constraint reportedly prevented them from offering in-screen sensor. Apple is expected to sport display integrated fingerprint sensor in the next iPhone.

A leak of the Note 8 device’s looks, that surfaced earlier this month from Korea.

Despite the strong hinderance — both w.r.t. financial loss and credibility — that Note 7 brought with it, Samsung is intent on continuing the premium Note series. The Korean smartphone maker was forced to scrap the Note 7 roughly two months from launch in October due to fire-prone batteries. The incident, one of the biggest product safety failures in tech history, cost the firm 6.1 trillion won ($5.4 billion) in operating profit and hurt its credibility.

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However, the bounce back, triggered by the brilliance it debuted in the form of S8 has helped the company recover rapidly and gain back almost all of its lost credibility. Apart from the S8 reportedly shattering company’s internal sales record, it has helped re-establish Samsung as one Android brand, which can well take Apple, head-on. Google itself failed terribly in that regard.

We have mailed Samsung in this regard, and shall update this story once we receive a confirmation.