Destiny 2 PS4 and Xbox One bundle deals are ridiculously cheap today


We had to check our calendars this morning to make sure it wasn't Black Friday as these new Destiny 2 PS4 and Xbox One bundle deals are incredibly cheap for early September. Not to mention Destiny 2 only came out yesterday.

If you've had your eye on an Xbox One S or PS4 Slim for a while, today's deals represent the best value we've seen in months, especially if Destiny 2 is in your sights too. Maybe you already have one console and are picking up the other to check out the exclusives, or you might just be upgrading your console to the newer version – especially if you've had it since launch and have noticed it's been a bit noisier lately.

Destiny 2 PS4 bundles

PS4 Slim | Destiny 2 | £229.99 @ multiple stores
Retailer prices of this Destiny 2 PS4 bundle fell like dominoes once a few stores knocked £20 off the already decent £250 asking price. This is great for you, as you now have a wide range of retailers to choose from for the deal. We're really excited about this PS4 deal because it's actually cheaper than buying a PS4 on its own. So yes, even if you don't like Destiny, you can always flog the sequel online or trade it in for a bonus payment. If you bought these items separately, you'd probably be spending closer to £280.

View this PS4 deal: PS4 Slim with Destiny 2 £229.99 @ Amazon
View this PS4 deal:
PS4 Slim with Destiny 2 £229.99 @ Tesco
View this PS4 deal:
PS4 Slim with Destiny 2 £229.99 @ John Lewis
View this PS4 deal:
PS4 Slim with Destiny 2 £229.99 @ Currys
View this PS4 deal:
PS4 Slim with Destiny 2 £229.99 @ Argos

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Destiny 2 Xbox One bundles

Things aren't a bit different for the Xbox One Destiny 2 bundles, as retailers have made their own bespoke bundles. But, they're actually a lot cheaper than the PS4 bundles and you get extra games with them. Microsoft's Xbox One sales are still some distance behind the PS4's, accounting for the aggressive price cuts we've seen in recent months. We're regularly seeing the Xbox One go for less than the PS4 (things have changed so much since launch day), but this is next level stuff to say the least. Take your pick from these incredible Xbox One deals below.

Xbox One S | Destiny 2 | Minecraft | £179.99 @ Argos
What? WHAT! That's a ridiculously cheap Xbox One bundle deal. We've seen the Xbox One S Minecraft deal flirt with the £200 mark on multiple occasions for sure, but the fact the bundle is now £179.99 and includes the brand new Destiny 2 has left us reeling. Argos don't quite believe it either as the headline price once you click through says £199.99 (still mega cheap), but it clearly says £179.99 underneath and that's what it says at checkout too.

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, Destiny, Minecraft £179.99 @ Argos

Xbox One S | Destiny 2 | Dishonored 2 | Doom | Fallout 4 | Now TV | £199.99 @ Game
This is arguably a better deal than the one above and one we'd certainly opt for if you're yet to pick up any of the additional games on another gaming setup. Destiny 2 is going for about £50 at most stores and Game is basically throwing it in for free along with three more classics and a two month NOW TV pass.

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View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, Destiny 2, Dishonored 2, Doom, Fallout 4, Now TV £199.99

Xbox One S | Destiny 2 | Forza Horizon 3 | Chatpad | £209.99 @ Amazon
Another stunning Destiny 2 Xbox One bundle to mull over. If you've no room for Minecraft in your life, then this bundle comes with the excellent Forza Horizon 3 instead, plus a neat Chatpad attachment for your controller. Any other week this would be running away with a 'Deal of the Week' award, but it doesn't appear that Amazon has been on the sauce as much as the teams at Argos and Game.

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, Destiny 2, Forza, chatpad £209.99 @ Amazon

Xbox One S | Destiny 2 | Now TV | £199.99 @ Game
Like the deal above, but without the chatpad and costing a tenner less. We think the Chatpad could come in handy for Destiny 2 if you're not keen on headsets though. Not bothered? Then this is the cheaper option. Oh and this comes with a two-month NOW TV pass too. Tempted?

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, Destiny 2, Forza Horizon 3, Now TV £199.99 @ Game

If you'd like to check out some more console deals, maybe ones that don't include Destiny 2, then be sure to check out our full-sized Xbox One deals and PS4 deals pages.