Did you enjoy the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire event on Switch? [POLL]


Now that the first official demo for Splatoon 2 is over, we’re curious what your thoughts were with the game and the first two arenas that were presented in this event. All of the weapons have received an update to change the way they play, while the new Splat Dualies are an entirely new weapon found in Splatoon 2.

I only got to play for two sessions this weekend for about an hour a piece and I have to say, I was surprised with how fresh the game felt with the weapon changes and controlling the game on the Nintendo Switch. I turned off the motion controls for the Wii U version because I felt like they hindered more than they helped, but I stuck with the motion controls for Splatoon 2.

I felt like they were tighter and easier to make small adjustments. I’m typically a Splat Roller player because I liked to focus on going behind enemy lines and covering up as much as I can while the other team is distracted, but that can often leave you open in the original. I found myself a lot more competitive and able to hold my own on the front lines with the Splat Roller this time around, thanks to the ability to throw paint while jumping.

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My one disappointment with this demo is that the multiplayer app that Nintendo promised for Nintendo Switch owners still hasn’t arrived yet, so there’s no way to arrange to play games with friends. All the matches I played this weekend were random matches and that feels like such a disappointment when this game would be perfect for a handful of friends to have fun with.

I realize this is just Nintendo stress testing their servers and getting some real-life feedback on the changes to the weapons, but I sincerely hope there will be another one of these events that showcase how the game will work with Nintendo’s upcoming multiplayer app. Playing with friends shouldn’t be this hard on a Nintendo console.

Did you enjoy playing the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire on Switch?

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