Get an Xbox One S with two games for a measly £189.99 with this great deal


Been holding off buying an Xbox One S? Whether you've been eyeing up a PS4 instead, or waiting for more news on Microsoft's Project Scorpio, you'll find it hard to resist this deal from Tesco Direct on the Xbox One S – it's an absolute steal.

It's selling the console, plus two games (the excellent Forza Horizon 3 and everyone's favorite block builder, Minecraft) for a measly £189.99.

The usual Tesco asking price for the console is £209.99, but apply the voucher code TD-NHTX at checkout and you can knock £20 off for that £189.99 asking price.

Get it here.

Gaming goodness

Considering Minecraft and Forza will cost you together around £50, you're essentially getting the console for £140. When you consider that it's also doubling up as a decent 4K Blu-ray player, it's a serious bargain.

But you'll have to move fast to get it at that price – that voucher code expires on 31/03/2017, so you've got just a day to make your move.

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The Xbox One S is a great bit of kit – a vast improvement over the original Xbox One, while Forza Horizon 3 is about as good a driving game as money can buy at the moment. And Minecraft? Well, Minecraft is Minecraft, right?

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