How to carry more than 3 fairies in Zelda: Breath of the Wild [VIDEO]


Fairies are one of the more useful items in Breath of the Wild because not only can you can use them to make handy elixirs that will health a whole bunch of hearts, if you have some in your inventory and you die you’ll be revived and lose the fairy instead. The only problem is that you can only carry a handful of fairies at a time.

This short guide teaches you how to get more fairies to get around the game’s limitations. If you have three or more fairies on your person, no more fairies will show up in your world for you to pick up. That means even if there’s a Blood Moon and you go to a Fairy Fountain, there won’t be any fairies there for you to pick up.

How to get more than 3 fairies

  1. Go to a Great Fairy Fountain with your three fairies in your inventory.
  2. Hold the fairies in your arms like you’re going to cook with them.
  3. Wait.
  4. Pretty soon, fairies will start to spawn.
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Now, you can collect these fairies and have beyond the three limit that the game intends for you to have. Whether you cook with them or use them for their resurrection powers, it’s always handy to have more fairies on hand.

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