LEGO City: Undercover now headed to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One


LEGO City: Undercover is one of the more compelling reasons to own a Wii U, but it’s about to be less compelling for Nintendo’s black sheep console. Warner Bros. today announced via tweet that LEGO City: Undercover will be heading to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2017.

While the Spring 2017 release date is really vague, it’s nice to see yet another publisher lining up behind Nintendo for the Switch. LEGO City: Undercover was a great game on Wii U and gamers on other platforms can now experience the unique humor that made it one of the best Wii U exclusives to own.

How do you feel about yet another Wii U title confirmed as heading to Nintendo Switch? It’s great for gamers who are planning on adopting the new console, but what about for those who were loyal to Nintendo and have already played these games? We’re eager to see more about what’s waiting that’s new, including more information about the 3D Mario game that Nintendo showcased in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer.

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