Mario Odyssey tech analysis reveals increased resolution


The guys at Digital Foundry have done another tech analysis of Super Mario Odyssey, this time taking a closer look at the resolution of the game.

And they confirmed that Nintendo has indeed increased the resolution since the E3 demo.

Previously, the game ran at 720p both when in portable mode and docked mode. Now the docked mode supports an increased resolution of 1600 x 900 (900p), which is about halfway between 720p and 1080p.

This makes it the highest resolution 3D Mario game ever.

Despite the resolution increase, the game still maintains a 60 frames per second framerate, both when in portable and docked mode.

However, during cutscenes in portable mode, the resolution drops all the way down to 640 x 720.

And when taking photos in-game, the framerate drops to 30 fps.

The video goes in-depth to reveal the difference in image quality between portable mode and docked mode. Here’s one of the examples:

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Mario Odyssey tech analysis reveals increased resolution

Clearly, the docked mode doesn’t just improve on resolution, but it also improves the visual quality of the game.