More details revealed about the King Knight expansion for Shovel Knight


The folks over at Yacht Club Games are hard at work on the next and last expansion for Shovel Knight, this time featuring King Knight. Despite his name, King Knight is a less than noble character that the devs themselves stop short of calling a hero. In a new interview with Shack News about the upcoming expansion, they even went so far as to describe King Knight as a Warior type character.

“I feel like Wario is sort of similar. Wario’s just like greedy, wants to make a billion dollars with his game company…”

That’s an interesting perspective to take with a character in the Shovel Knight series and one Nintendo fans are probably very familiar with if they’ve played any Wario Land game over the past 20 years. Greedy characters can be some of the best to play if you have a good story to go along with it.

As for the future of Shovel Knight, the developers say once the King Knight expansion is released, they’re going to put the series on ice for a while to focus on something else. For that reason, the King Knight expansion will likely be a good send-off for the series so the developers can shift their focus to another project.

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