More Mario & Rabbids leaks revealed, gaming coming in August


A Mario & Rabbids game is all but confirmed for the Switch. The recent leaks revealed some artwork of the game, and now we’ve got more leaked content, and the first solid proof that the game is coming this Summer.

That proof comes from the video game ratings board in Brazil, who have rated Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch with a release date set for August 2017.

Ubisoft is listed as the sole developer/publisher for the game, which means that Nintendo’s involvement is just for the Mario IP.

Some of the leaked game slides reveal that the game will have a singleplayer campaign with 20 hours of gameplay, 8 playable characters, including Mario, peach, Luigi, and that the gameplay will be split between exploration ad turn-based combat.

Check out the slides below. It looks like we’ll have a full unveil at E3 next month.


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