Nintendo has 300 developers quality checking third party games on Switch


During Nintendo’s recent investors Q&A session, the company revealed a bit of what’s going on behind the scenes. For example, company president Tatsumi Kmishima confirmed that Nintendo has about 300 developers working on quality control and debugging for third party games on the Switch.

These developers look at third party games coming to the system to make sure that they are not only functioning correctly, but that the quality is up to Nintendo’s standards and to “ensure that the intentions of the developers were conveyed smoothly.”

Kmishima added this bit during the Q&A regarding third party developers on the Switch:

“To help software publishers feel at ease about developing with Nintendo, we need to steadily release our own titles and show them that momentum. We hope to maintain momentum for Nintendo Switch for a long time by increasing opportunities to build up various businesses on our hardware while simultaneously adjusting our development environment so that even small-scale developers who could not support us before can support us now.”

Quality control isn’t out of the ordinary, of course — both Sony and Microsoft have people making sure that third party games are functioning correctly. But Nintendo has always been much more strict when it comes to quality control, and would often reject games that didn’t meet certain standards.

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Which is why it tends to be rare for games on Nintendo platforms to need a “day-one patch”.

Back in the day, this was so important that they would add a “Seal of Quality” on game boxes to let consumers know that a particular third party game was quality controlled by Nintendo.