Nintendo learns its lesson, will ship more SNES Classics than NES Classic


Though excited we were to hear Nintendo announce the SNES Classic Edition, it wasn't long until memories of the NES Classic Edition and its disappointingly short production run started to set in.

Thankfully, it appears that Nintendo has learned a lesson from its previous microconsole, mentioning in a statement that it will produce “significantly more units” of the SNES Classic Edition than its predecessor to keep up with demand, according to Time.

Nintendo didn't give exact numbers for the units it expects to ship during the SNES Classic Edition's September 29 launch, but we imagine the extra units will bring a sigh of relief to retro gamers who might've been burned by the woefully under-supplied and over-demanded NES Classic Edition.

Don't risk it, though

While it appears that the SNES Classic Edition won't be in quite as short a supply at launch, it's in the best interest of potential collectors to pre-order the console as soon as they have the opportunity. 

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Nintendo mentions that the shipping run of the SNES Classic Edition is expected to go “until the end of calendar year 2017,” meaning more of the miniature Super Nintendo aren't guaranteed at the time of writing after the year's out.

Not only is the shipping run potentially short, we can almost guarantee the SNES Classic Edition will be the holiday gift of this year, meaning retailers may not have many leftover units on shelves once 2018 rolls around.

Still, it's nice to see Nintendo acknowledge the shortcomings of its last plug-and-play device, potentially leading to more of its upcoming machine making its way to Nintendo fans rather than opportunistic eBay scalpers. 

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