Nintendo Switch beats PS4 to 500k sales in just 4 weeks in Japan


Now that we’ve had four weeks of the Nintendo Switch under our belt, we can see how well Nintendo’s newest console has performed in the first four weeks of its life compared to other consoles. The Nintendo Switch managed to move 519,504 units in Japan in that crucial first month of its life, beating out the PS4, which took seven weeks to reach 500k sold.

The PS4’s launch sales in Japan were pretty lackluster thanks to the lack of prominent Japanese games on the system, which is something that many people would say the Switch suffers from as well.

What’s even more interesting is that the Switch’s sales trend is lower than the Wii U, which moved 557,901 in its first four weeks. The difference though is that the Wii U saw a holiday launch, while the Nintendo Switch launched worldwide in March. It’ll be interesting to see how well the Switch performs this holiday season with a new blockbuster title like Super Mario Odyssey to propel it along, but overall the performance of the console in its home country is very positive.

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[via DualShockers]

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