Nintendo Switch is back in stock at Amazon right now [Updated]


Update: The Nintendo Switch on Amazon sold out in about 49 minutes. The fact that this was a Prime-exclusive deal for the console slowed down the amount of potential buyers, but even that wasn't enough to make it last a full hour. Now, the cheapest place to buy the Nintendo Switch is on Rakuten with $140 markup.

Original story…

The Nintendo Switch is back on sale at Amazon, so everyone in the US looking for a way to buy the new console should point there browsers there.

It costs the normal $299 on Amazon, but you should know some things in advance. First, it's the Nintendo Switch console bundled with the gray controllers. The one with neon controllers is still sold out everywhere we've looked.

Second, its availability is rather limited. It “ships from and [is] sold by exclusively for Prime members,” according to Amazon. It looks as if you're going to have to be a paying Prime member to get this system today.

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Don't worry too much about not getting the Neon controllers. Yes, everyone seems to want to avoid the boring gray controllers, but you can always buy the Neon controllers separately and use the gray ones for multiplayer.

The Nintendo Switch controllers in Neon are also available for $79 and ship starting on May 31. You can order them now, too.