Nintendo Switch Price: how much will it cost?


Update: UK retailer GameSeek has listed the Nintendo Switch on its site with a low low pre-order price of £198.50 and it’s applying a price guarantee, which appears to confirm the previous price rumors that we’ve seen. 

We don’t have any official announcement of the ‘s price, but we know when the company will make the announcement. 

The announcement is set to come on January 12 when the company will broadcast a live stream of its press conference to the world. 

Until then, all we have to go on are a few rumors of the console’s price, which have varied wildly between sources, and they paint a pretty interesting picture. 

Nintendo Switch price in the UK?

A recent report has indicated that the expected launch price for the basic Nintendo Switch SKU will be £199.99. There’s expected to be another pricing tier for a more premium model that has higher storage and a game included that will be priced at £249.99.

The report comes from LetsPlayVideoGames, who claim to have heard the information from two reliable sources close to UK retailer, Game. 

The report also revealed that the Switch Pro controllers are expected to sell for £39.99.  

It’s important to note that these prices aren’t recommended retail prices from Nintendo itself as the company doesn’t set RRPs for consoles in the UK. However, if accurate, it gives us a relatively solid idea of what the console’s launch price will be in the UK.

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Though this is just the price point for one UK retailer, Nintendo is apparently planning for pricing to be “close to direct conversion price comparable across regions” as part of its push to make the console region free which allows us to estimate what the launch prices could be elsewhere. 

More recently we’ve seen what appears to be confirmation of this price with online retailer GameSeek having listed the Switch with a price of £198.50 (US $246.79/ AU $330). 

More significantly, it’s not just taking pre-orders for the console at this price, it’s placing a price guarantee on it. This guarantee states that if the price increases between now and the console’s release pre-order customers won’t have to pay anymore. 

Of course, if the price decreases then you’re also locked into this pre-order price but let’s face it, if Nintendo lowers the cost of the Switch below this they’re basically giving it away. 

Before you run to GameSeek and pre-order the console for yourself, though, it should be noted that a customer has reported on the store’s Facebook page that they were told by their local GameSeek store that all customers who have placed a pre-order have received a full refund. So perhaps it’s not quite as guaranteed as we thought. 

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Nintendo Switch price in the US?

If the report from LetsPlayVideoGames proves to be accurate, this means we can estimate that the console is likely to launch in the US for $249.99 and $299.99. 

This price point has recently been given even more weight by a recent leak on the Canadian Toys R Us website which had the Nintendo Switch priced at CA $330. 

If the reports of direct price conversion are true, this would mean the launch price in the US would be around $249 which matches the direct price conversion for the rumored UK launch price. 

Nintendo Switch price in Australia?

Rumors so far have suggested that the Australian pricing for the Switch could range from $390 all the way up to $560.

We were praying it wouldn’t go anywhere near as high as $560, fortunately the direct conversion price from the UK pricing leak suggests that the console is likely to cost around $330 or $415 depending on which SKU you choose to go for. 

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