Pepsi giving away Nintendo Switch consoles in new contest


Game products are no stranger to food promotions, as we’ve often seen Taco Bell team up with Sony for the $5 PlayStation Box that gives you a chance to win Sony products when they’re new (or when Taco Bell’s advertising team feels like they need a bump). Now it looks like Pepsi is hopping on that bandwagon with Nintendo.

New boxes of Pepsi Fire–a cinnamon flavored soda pop–come branded with the Nintendo Switch logo on top.

On the underside of the box, you’ll see the rules for entering. Apparently, it requires participation through Snapchat and the wording on the box doesn’t say how many Nintendo Switches the company is planning on giving away, just the ominious “many will enter, some will win” line.

If you’re a big Pepsi drinker and you haven’t gotten a Nintendo Switch yet, seems like a good way to try and get one for free. If you like Pepsi.

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