Pokemon Go’s Starbucks team up means catching a Lapras with your latte


Pokémon Go may not be the all-encompassing sensation today that it was when it launched this summer, but the folks at Niantic are far from done with the real-world monster catcher.

In what we can only describe as “the most millennial thing,” the augmented-reality craze is officially teaming up with Starbucks, turning the purveyor of percolated products into a bonafide PokéStop in the US.

Starting today, 7,800 different Starbucks locations in the States will transform into PokéStops and Gyms, allowing trainers to stock up on virtual supplies and defend their turf while they imbibe on mochas, Americanos, espressos, and teas.

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Can I get a Razz Berry Frappuccino with that?

The news confirms that the two brands were banding together up, though Starbucks isn't the only one to capitalize on the craze – was the first to become an official US partner of the app, transforming multiple store locations into PokéStops. 

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Adding to the corporate synergy between 'Bucks and 'Mon, Starbucks is also unveiling a special-edition Frappuccino to go alongside its servings of Pokémon Go. The specifics on the drink haven't been revealed, but the frozen beverage is reported to have blackberry, raspberry, and vanilla flavors, according to CNN.

Coffee fan or not, turning Starbucks stores into PokéStops is good news for Pokéfans, because – if nothing else – they'll have while catching those Pidgeys.

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