Sega confirms Sonic Mania coming to Switch on August 15th


With so many platforms getting games ahead of the Nintendo Switch, it’s no wonder Nintendo-focused gamers get antsy about getting games at the same time as everyone else. Fortunately, Sega seems to be playing it fair with the release of Sonic Mania, which will debut on August 15th across all platforms.

Last week there was some speculation on whether the console date will be the same as the PC release date and this new pre-order trailer confirms it.

I have to say, I really enjoyed the hand-drawn art style of this trailer and I kinda wish Sega would do a Paper Sonic series now. (If you’re like me and you really enjoyed that artwork, you can find the artist’s Twitter account here.)

Either way, if you’re interested in picking this up, you can now pre-order it digitally on your favorite platform of choice. Or if you’re a huge Sonic fan, you can pre-order the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition that includes a gigantic Sonic statue with no blue arms. How about that.

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Sonic Mania – $69.99