Sonic Forces features a custom character mode


Sega is betting big on Sonic this year with two massive releases. First up is Sonic Mania, a classic throwback to 2D Sonic from the Genesis heyday that looks like it’ll be doing things right for fans of 2D Sonic.

Next up is Sonic Forces, Sega’s attempt to make a 3D Sonic game that doesn’t suck hardcore. What’s interesting is there’s character customization available in this game. You can choose to play as Sonic, or you can create your own character in the game and have fun with it.

Sega says they get tons of fan mail from fans submitting their characters, so the ability to create your own character in a Sonic game was something they wanted to explore.

What do you think of this direction for Sonic Forces? Are you still interested in the game after watching the E3 demos?

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