Splatoon 2 Global Testfire event maintained solid 60fps performance


The folks at Digital Foundry got around to testing out the framerate and resolution of Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 Global Testfire event over the weekend and the information is pretty encouraging considering the Nintendo Switch is a portable system.

Unfortunately, Splatoon 2 doesn’t run at 1080p resolution on the Nintendo Switch. Instead, it runs at 720p in docked mode at a fixed resolution, while in handheld mode the game features a dynamic resolution. The guys say that handheld resolution seems to range around 514p when played in portable mode.

Digital Foundry says that this is pretty noticeable in portable mode, but it’s no where near the amount of fuzziness that you could see on the PS Vita with framerate and resolution drops. While they make note that some fans could be disappointed with Nintendo’s choice to focus on framerate rather than resolution, the guys say that framerate should matter more than resolution for online play.

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No framerate drops were spotted during the hour sessions that were played, which means the game’s framerate is extremely stable.

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