Switch gets another keyboard accessory


Another company is coming out with a physical keyboard for the Switch. Game accessory maker Cyber Gadget is releasing a physical keyboard for the Switch which has a cool feature: you can connect your Joy-Cons to the keyboard.

Which would make gaming with a keyboard a bit easier, although it doesn’t charge the Joy-Cons while they are attached.

The keyboard will be released in Japan in September and will retail for 3,500 Yen, or about $30.

If you want something more conventional, HORI will release a USB-C Nintendo Switch keyboard for about the same price.

There still aren’t many reasons to buy a keyboard for the Switch, but there might be in the future: next year we’ll see a coding app for the Switch that lets you make your own games.

Would you buy a keyboard for your Switch console? Let us know your thoughts about this accessory in the comments section below!


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