Xbox One X games: here are 40 reasons to get excited about Microsoft’s 4K console


Microsoft’s E3 press conference has now been and gone and what have we learned? Well, we now know that the brand new 4K console formerly known as Project Scorpio is called Xbox One X and we also know that it’ll be available to buy for $499/£449 on November 7.

At the show, Xbox revealed some of the brand new upcoming games that will play in true 4K on the console, which include Assassin’s Creed Origins, Sea of Thieves and Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

With Xbox One X, it won’t just be brand new titles that will be able to take advantage of its greater power and 4K visuals, older games will be patched too and these patches will be free for Xbox One owners who have already purchased the games receiving them.

So far, five Xbox One-exclusive titles have been confirmed to support the Xbox One X Enhanced badge, but there are more than 30 third-party games confirmed to be receiving upgrades at launch – at no extra cost, no less.  

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This is just the beginning; it’s expected that many more existing Xbox One games will receive 4K enhancement patches in the near future, in addition to all the upcoming games we know about.

To help you sort out which games are worth stocking up on before Xbox One X comes out, we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest games we know will support the Xbox One X enhanced play to help you decide if you can justify the upgrade to 4K gaming. 

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