56 percent of Brits want to move to the Moon


Whether it’s a result of Brexit or they’re simply sick of the weather, a new survey reveals that 56 percent of British people would like to move to the Moon. If money were no object 19 percent also say they would buy a holiday home on Mars.

Product development company Arconic surveyed 1,000 people in the UK to find out how they thought technology would develop over the next 50 years.

Almost half (46 percent) expect space travel for the average person will be possible in the next 50 years and 43 percent would like to inhabit an undiscovered planet if life in space was possible.

A big majority show a belief in continued technological progress. By 2062 74 percent of those surveyed say they think we’ll have completely self-driving cars, hologram conference calls (72 percent) and buildings that ‘eat’ smog (47 percent). We’re still some way off a Star Trek world though as only 17 percent believe that teleporting will be possible.

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Respondents would like to see progress to make lives better too, 60 percent want technology to help improve the environment on Earth, over and above technological improvements to our homes (51 percent) or in the workplace (24 percent). There’s also a desire by 22 percent for vehicles that run on alternative fuels, such as rubbish and hydrogen, greater than the 14 percent that would like to see flying cars.

“Arconic has helped transform the way we fly, drive, build and power for nearly 130 years,” says Libby Archell, Arconic’s chief communications officer. “The findings of this research show that people believe that Jetsons-era technology — much of which Arconic is developing today — is not only possible but probable. We are excited by the possibilities that opens for materials science and advance manufacturing as we help our customers shape the future on the road, in the sky, and where we live and work”.

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You can find out more including a look at Arconic’s own vision for the future on the company’s website.

Photo Credit: Michal Ninger/Shutterstock