Amazon is basically giving away Dash buttons on Amazon Prime Day


Amazon Dash lets you instantly order your favorite items without logging onto your computer or smartphone. You can stick these little internet-enabled smart buttons just about anywhere, and for 2017, they’ll cost you even less up-front to get started.

Normally on sale for $4.99 per button (Amazon credits the entire payment upon you using it for the first time), in celebration of Prime Day deals. 

Of course, Amazon credits your $1 upon first use. So essentially, these Dash buttons are free.

Dash buttons are a fix for those who often forget to restock on essentials, but their usefulness extends to items that don’t need reordered as quickly, too. Whether it’s laundry detergent, cat litter or light bulbs, Amazon Dash is the easiest, fastest solution to keeping inventory of your favorite stuff.

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