Angry IP Scanner 3.5 adds high DPI support, drops XP


Popular network tool Angry IP Scanner has hit version 3.5 with new support for high DPI displays on Windows and Linux (Mac Retina displays were supported already).

There are visual improvements for everyone, whatever your hardware, thanks to redesigned high DPI versions of all icons.

The new support has been made possible by an update to SWT, the Standard Widget Toolkit, but this could be a problem for older systems.

Angry IP Scanner no longer supports Java 6, and it may not run properly on Windows XP, either, although the problems aren’t necessarily fatal. The developer explains:

Running on Windows XP is no longer officially supported, however it may still work. Angry IP Scanner now uses some Unicode characters in the UI that may not be rendered correctly by this version of Windows.

Smaller practical improvements elsewhere include an updated MAC vendors list, improved vendor display and a more discoverable Fetchers menu.

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Angry IP Scanner 3.5 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.