Arcserve launches new email archiving technology for businesses


Businesses of all sizes are under increasing pressure to protect corporate email records and make them easily accessible for audits and legal discovery.

Data protection and recovery specialist Arcserve has acquired email archiving technology FastArchiver and is making it available through its Arcserve UDP solution portfolio. UDP Archiving efficiently stores archived on-premise, public or private cloud email in a location independent of the primary mail system.

It allows businesses to reduce the risk of email service outages or malfunctions, and access archive email 24/7, plus meet legal requirements with features like full text search, tagging, hit highlighting, save search, search export, and multi-language support.

It helps with compliance too, using audit trails, reporting, retention management, and role-based access controls. Emails can be retained as records with legal hold management, and preserved as unalterable records the moment they are sent or received. It can collect sent or received email from all popular mail platforms, and systematically remove email records at the end of their life.

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“This is a very exciting time for Arcserve as we continue to push the envelope to meet customer and partner demand for an easier way to execute against evolving business requirements,” says Mike Crest, CEO of Arcserve. “By integrating email archiving into Arcserve UDP, we’re addressing a long sought-after need in a way that not only provides a seamless, robust user experience, but creates further data protection and email archiving synergies through one powerful, yet remarkably simple solution.”

More information about UDP Archiving is available on the Arcserve website.

Photo Credit: Iaroslav Neliubov/Shutterstock