Back up, restore or migrate an Oculus Rift install with AOMEI vrBackupper


Oculus Rift may be a powerful and well-designed VR system, but its file and application management abilities aren’t so smart. Early versions would only install on your system drive, games and apps are always installed to a library in the same location, and if you uninstall Oculus then all your software disappears as well.

AOMEI vrBackupper is a 64-bit Windows 10 program which can back up, restore or migrate your Oculus Rift installation or just your installed games and applications.

Backup is simple. The program automatically detects your Oculus installation folder, and after pointing to your destination you can back everything up with a click.

Recovery is just as straightforward: here’s the source, there’s the destination, click “Start Restore” and wait.

VRBackupper can also be used to migrate your Oculus Rift installation from one drive to another, handy if you’re running out of space, or from an old computer to your shiny new PC.

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We would normally back up or migrate Oculus with a regular backup tool, but if you need something Oculus-specific — maybe to migrate from a small SSD to a larger HDD — then vrBackupper may be able to help.

AOMEI vrBackupper is a free backup tool for 64-bit Windows 10.