Clothes call: Panasonic made a hanger that deodorizes your wardrobe


Panasonic may be best known for its cameras and TVs, but the electronics company's latest product is intended more for your wardrobe than your entertainment center.

Enter Panasonic's new deodorizing clothes hanger, launching this September in Japan for an MSRP of 20,000 yen (about $180,  £140, AU$235), according to Kaden.

Using what Panasonic refers to as nanoe technology, the hanger applies a high voltage charge to create nanoscopic water particles, resulting in greater moisture collection without harming a garment's fabric.

Not only does the moisture-stripping attachment keep clothes from getting musty, but Panasonic claims its hanger can also remove cigarette and smoke odor and even suppress pollen — a nice plus during allergy season.

Not a quick fix

In addition to a staggering steep price compared to your average clothes hanger, Panasonic's product isn't frugal with time either. 

It takes between 5-7 hours to properly deodorize an article of clothing, making it less-than-ideal in a pinch compared to, say, a quick spritz of Febreze or a run through the dryer.

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A release outside of Japan hasn't been confirmed, though you can probably still keep your fabrics smelling fresh for a fraction of the price with a little white vinegar, some essential oil, and a spray bottle. Just saying.

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