CloudBees platform helps enterprises speed up software deployment


In order to address businesses’ continuing dependence on software, development teams are turning to continuous delivery and automated software pipelines to speed up deployment.

To address these needs CloudBees is launching Jenkins Enterprise to help companies accelerate their software delivery and meet the rapidly growing volume of software development.

Jenkins Enterprise Enterprise delivers the manageability and operations capabilities to enable teams to quickly distribute, set up and share project assets and infrastructure. It includes authentication and access control for enterprise level security.

Docker containers to enable Jenkins Enterprise to be deployed on native and virtualized environments, as well as on private and public clouds. It can run on platforms including Amazon Web Services, Red Hat OpenStack Platform, VMware vSphere and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. With a scalable cloud-native, elastic architecture users can scale from one project up to thousands of concurrent projects, each of which can be spun up in minutes.

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It also offers businesses high availability and redundancy along with lower infrastructure costs through the dynamic allocation of appropriate resources, providing a high-density and very efficient use of infrastructure. It’s also subject to the CloudBees Assurance Program, providing a tested and verified CloudBees Jenkins Distribution to ensure safe, stable operation and no-risk upgrades.

“As organizations drive continuous delivery and DevOps transformations more deeply from a few teams to enterprise-wide roll-outs, they need a platform that makes it possible for them to not only accelerate software delivery but gain the reliability, upgradeability, scalability and maintainability that become increasingly critical at scale,” says Sacha Labourey, CEO and co-founder of CloudBees. “CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is the only continuous delivery platform today that is ready for enterprise scale and works in the same unified and consistent way across a number of technologies and platform environments.”

You can learn more and sign up for a free trial on the CloudBees website.

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Image Credit: Rafal Olechowski / Shutterstock