degree° – First In- Ear Thermometer


Being a parent is nerve-wracking enough, now throw a sick kid in the mix and you have one worried parent. And there is no step-by-step guide of how to handle the situation. Uncertainty and stress are the result. That’s where Degree comes in.

Degree is the world’s first wearable in-ear thermometer for children. Designed by two engineers, Degree’s lightweight design fits snugly in your child’s ear to be worn while they’re sick. This little device then takes your child’s body temperature continually from within the ear canal. This information is sent to the accompanying app so parents can track how the fever is progressing. This lets you know if the treatment you’re administering is effective. If the temp rises to a more serious level, Degree sends an alarm to your phone alerting you. You can set the temperature level at which you want to receive an alert. The app itself has other features, like a map that shows the next pharmacy and what else you can do to lower fever. Degree is currently running a campaign on Indiegogo. For more information head to and search for “Degree” today.

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