Email This for Chrome sends articles to your inbox for later reading


Email This is a free Chrome extension and web service which sending web pages to your inbox for later reading.

If you’ve found a great article but there’s no time to read it now, tapping the “et” button on your Chrome address bar sends the trimmed-down ad-free essentials of the page to your registered email address.

Prefer hotkeys? Ctrl+Shift+U saves the current web page in much the same way.

You don’t have to visit a page before you can save it. Right-click any link, select “Email This” and the service sends you the core page content.

We found Email This was easy to set up, with nothing to do beyond providing and verifying your email address.

We tried the extension on a few news links and it correctly found the core text and ignored sidebars. Links were preserved and clickable, there was a link to the original source page at the bottom of the email.

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The main issue was the lack of images. The Email This site says they should be included, which suggests there’s a problem with at least some sites. We don’t know how widespread that is, and in many cases you might prefer a text-only approach, so if you’re interested in the idea we’d say take a look anyway.

Email This is a free extension for Google Chrome.