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Home News Google Fiber best internet service in U.S., Consumer Reports survey says

Google Fiber best internet service in U.S., Consumer Reports survey says


Google giveth, and Google taketh away.

And when it comes to Google Fiber, what Google took away from Bay Area residents is apparently of considerable value to internet users.

The Mountain View tech giant had revealed plans to provide its ultra-high-speed internet service across a broad swath of Silicon Valley. There was much rejoicing among internet users fed up with slow speeds and poor service and given hope by Google for something better.

But then Google suspended the projects last year, although Google Fiber’s Webpass wireless super-speed service is available in parts of Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville and San Francisco.

So Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, San Jose and Santa Clara are now in the mythological position of Tantalus, starving son of Zeus, with lovely fruit dangling just out of reach.

According to Consumer Reports’ new survey about internet service providers, Google Fiber is the “clear winner” among consumers. The Fiber internet service was the only one in America to get a high score for value, Consumer Reports said. And for delivering TV shows, Fiber was one of only two services to receive high marks for both reliability and value.

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“In general, fiber services did better than traditional cable, and the lowest scores came from slower DSL and satellite internet providers,” according to Consumer Reports.

“Almost all the companies, including Comcast and Spectrum, two of the country’s largest cable operators, earned low scores in multiple categories, including value and customer service.”

Consumer Reports said it based its findings on responses from more than 210,000 of its subscribers who answered questions in its fall questionnaire.

Google on its Fiber website still lists San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Palo Alto as “potential” cities for Fiber service, but the company did not immediately provide an answer as to whether those cities will ever get Google Fiber.

Photo: A man walks past a building on the Google campus in Mountain View. (Jeff Chiu/AP)

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