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Home News Google slashes $200 from Pixel phone price amid back to school sale

Google slashes $200 from Pixel phone price amid back to school sale


Google has slashed $200 from the price of the most expensive version of its Pixel phone as part of a back-to-school sale, the tech titan said Monday.

Two price cuts were revealed by the search giant. Google’s Pixel XL cut the price to $569 compared with an original offering at $769 to $569.

The smaller Pixel phone was reduced to $524 down from an original price of $649, according to a post on Monday.

The base-level model has a 5-inch screen and 32 GB of storage. The Pixel XL has a 5.5-inch screen and up to 128 GB storage.

Mountain View-based Google has been attempting to gain traction in the smartphone market with its phone offerings.

The tech company also seeks to sweeten the purchase pot by tossing in a new Daydream headset as part of the sales package. The headset normally costs $79.

The $524 version of the Pixel phone can also be purchased through a financing package for $21.83 a month over 24 months from the company.

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“Use Google Keep on your Pixel to quickly capture voice-recorded lecture notes, create reminders and share lists,” was one touted set of uses for the phone that Google noted in its back-to-school related offering.

These price cuts arrive ahead of the anticipated release, sometime this fall, of a new Pixel phone. That timing would allow the newest Pixel to become available ahead of the crucial holiday shopping season.

The pricing and features of a possible new Pixel phone haven’t been disclosed yet. A lack of a headphone jack and improved water resistance are features that have surfaced in the rumor mills, though. The original Pixel phones were launched around October 2016.

Besides the iPhone 7 from Apple, the Pixel phone must combat rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6 phones.

Google Pixel event. AP Photo

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