How Intel is venturing into the hearts of Indians with Cricket


Intel is known for its collaborations with major sports competitions. The company recently teamed up with the NFL for a grand display of technology using drones. A new report has emerged yesterday suggesting that the company will do the same with the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy scheduled to begin later today in England. 

It is being said that the company will use Intel Falcon 8 Drones to conduct in-depth pitch analysis. Further, a “bat sensor” will be utilized, which will give the viewers an idea about bat swing, stroke play and some other aspects.

The company will also have dedicated VR experience zones set up outside the Edgbaston and The Oval stadiums offering users a glimpse into the merging of VR with cricket. 

 How will this change cricket? 

Cricket has embraced technology continually over the past few years. I still remember when Hawkeye was brought into cricket, allowing users to track the movement of the ball. This revolutionized the game and is the sole basis of how umpiring decisions are made today in major tournaments. 

While there were some critics of this particular technology in the past, it’s safe to say that technology has won them over today. Similarly, thanks to the introduction of these drones with high-definition infrared cameras, viewers can have an in-depth look at the pitch. Thanks to this tech, not only will the production team save costs on equipment, but it will also offer the viewers a new experience, one that hasn’t been tried before.

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As for the bat sensor, Intel is leveraging the Intel Curie technology which will give viewers a look at the back-lift, bat speed and follow-through of a particular batsman. However, it’s not clear if every batsman will adopt this technology given that it’s still in its nascent stage. 

However, players simply have to place these sensors on top of their bats and it won’t come in the way while batting. So it is possible that a large bulk of the players will use this particular technology during the course of the tournament.

Sandra Lopez, Vice President, Intel Sports Group, said: “Our goal is to lead the way forward into the digitisation and personalisation of sports, transforming the way fans and athletes experience sports.”

The VR experience zones in the two stadiums will offer users a head mounted display or HMD while facing virtual bowlers. The bat used here comes with the Intel Curie tech on board and will give users a better understanding of their skills. A Bengaluru-based smart wearables company named Speculur BatSense is bringing this technology to the fore in accordance with Intel. The company has claimed that this technology will make its way to Australia, India, as well as the United States by the second half of 2017. 

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All of these features will no doubt enhance the cricket viewing experience this Champions Trophy. As the spectators get used to newer tech, Cricket is bound to become better. Data is everything in this day and age. Perhaps having access to new data with the help of these sensors will even the odds to some extent. The 2017 ICC Champions Trophy will be held between June 1 – June 18 in England and Wales.