How to protect your privacy against ISP snooping


We live in an age where privacy is valued incredibly highly, but at the same time there are more and more ways for our privacy to be encroached upon. One of the most recent concerns came after the US Senate voted last week to allow ISPs to sell customers’ browsing histories without consent.

Things were turned up a notch a couple of days ago when the House agreed and voted to repeal FCC-approved privacy rules. Since the result of the vote was known, there have been reports of a huge surge in interest in VPN tools, private search engines and the like, and now VPN review site The Best VPN has come up with a series of tips to help internet users maintain their privacy, and stop ISPs from getting their hands on potentially sensitive information about browsing habits.

The Best VPN has put together an infographic that includes a number of helpful tips that will not only help to improve your privacy, but will also boost security. Some of the tips are fairly obvious — such as using a secure messaging app — but they still serve as a handy reminder; and the suggestion to contact your ISP to see if you can opt out of data collection is one worth spreading.

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Check out the infographic below for the full selection of tips:


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