iPhone X’s Face ID Could Serve Up Your Phone to Hackers on a Plate


One of the iPhone’s most-alluring features, the facial recognition system called Face ID, is apparently so flawed that could give hackers access to your phone without them putting in much effort.

A cyber security expert from the Arizona State University said she bought an iPhone 8 for two reasons: it is cheaper (the iPhone X retails for $1,000) and it does not sport the iPhone X’s facial recognition tool.

Prof Sonia Bovio believes that one should not give up security and privacy for the sake of convenience.

“We want things to be convenient and easy, but that comes at a cost,” Bovio said. The cost includes losses of sensitive data including the personal and financial information.

  • The iPhone X’s sale volumes during the last holiday season were below expectations.
  • Analysts blamed the high price, poor innovation, and the many risks posed by the technology behind Face ID.

Multiple reports showed that the facial recognition system is slow and cannot accurately tell faces apart especially when it comes to Asian customers.

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Face ID Can Be Exploited by Hackers and Governments

Apple, however, claims that these incidents are isolated, and the phone’s other super-features like the wireless charger and the retina screen should make up for the inconvenience.

iPhone X owners can unlock their handsets with their faces alone as the phone’s camera enables the device to create a map of the user’s face through 30,000 dots.

Cybersecurity experts are not that convinced that the system is fail-proof. They think the tech can enable hackers to easier steal private data from the handsets.

Jason Pistillo from Tempe who leads an institution that trains tomorrow’s security experts and hackers noted that America is rapidly throwing its privacy away. Pistillo warned that Face ID-like technologies that are constantly scanning users’ faces can be exploited by both hackers and governments.
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