Kdenlive is a powerful video editor for… Windows?


Kdenlive has been a popular non-linear video editor in the Linux world for a very long time, but the developers have also recently released a first Windows port.

The build doesn’t skimp on functions: there’s a full multi-track timeline and an array of effects and transitions to explore.

Analysis tools on hand include histograms, audio meters, waveforms, vectorscopes and more, and a configurable interface enables rearranging all of this to suit your needs.

We grabbed a copy. There’s no installation required, just unzip and run Kdenlive.exe. Except, well, that didn’t work. The program requires FFmpeg to import and export media, and that’s not included by default. This is what we had to do.

  1. Download and unzip FFmpeg.
  2. Copy the contents of the FFmpeg bin folder to kdenlive-windows.
  3. Copy the FFmpeg presets folder to kdenlive-windows (you’ll have kdenlive-windowspresets).
  4. Launch kdenlive, wait for the interface to appear, close and restart and you’re ready to play.

We dragged, dropped and organized some clips, and applied a few effects. There were some minor issues, but overall it did well for such an early build, and if you’re interested in video editing it’s worth a closer look.

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Kdenlive is available for Linux, Mac, and, yes, Windows.