Machine learning pays well in the UK


If you are a developer looking to earn some serious cash, you might want to consider becoming a machine learning specialist. According to a new report by Stack Overflow, entitled “Developer Hiring Landscape Report,” machine learning specialists earn 24 percent more than what’s the average among developers on the British Isles.

That’s £56,851 a year.

The report also says developers will continue to be a high-earning bunch, regardless of what language they specialize in. The UK national average salary for last year was £28,000, while developers earned £44,000, or 45 percent more.

Almost all of developers (94 percent) are partially self-taught, and less than half (43 percent) have a Bachelor’s degree.

“These statistics would suggest that the rise of free online classes and coding crash courses are increasingly being used to offer a fast-track to a more lucrative career,” the report says.

The most common type of developers are web developers (73 percent), while just 2.4 percent described themselves as machine learning specialists.

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Kevin Troy, director of Insights at Stack Overflow, comments, “This year’s Stack Overflow’s Developer Hiring Landscape Report is the most comprehensive survey of the developer workforce to date, with more than 4,700 responses from developers across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, and more than 64,000 responses globally.”

“Today’s developers can earn almost twice the national average salary, despite many of them being self-taught, with only a few years of coding under their belts. This data should incentivize more young people to take up the rewarding challenge of software development,” Troy adds

The full report can be found on this link.

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