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Home News More leadership drama at Uber: two board members replaced

More leadership drama at Uber: two board members replaced


Uber’s board members are playing musical chairs following the dramatic, forced resignation of the company’s CEO Tuesday evening.

Bill Gurley, a partner at Benchmark and a longtime Uber investor and board member, is leaving, a Benchmark spokeswoman said. He will be replaced with Benchmark colleague Matt Cohler. Bloomberg first reported the news.

Meanwhile, TPG’s David Trujillo will replace colleague David Bonderman, Uber said, after Bonderman came under fire for making a sexist joke during a company meeting.

The Gurley move is a significant shakeup, as it eliminates one of Uber’s most prominent directors. Gurley has sat on Uber’s board since 2011, according to his LinkedIn profile. He joined as part of an $11 million investment Benchmark made in the company.

Gurley led the charge to force Kalanick to resign, a push that though successful, ultimately made the board situation too tense for Gurley to continue serving, according to Bloomberg. The situation became so strained that Gurley and Kalanick are no longer on speaking terms, Axios reported.

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Nevertheless, Gurley had positive things to tweet about Kalanick after the CEO left, saying “very few entrepreneurs have had such a lasting impact on the world.”

Meanwhile, Bonderman had announced his resignation from Uber’s board last week. The move came after a comment he made during the company-wide meeting Uber held to discuss the results of an investigation into sexism, harassment, bullying and other issues within the company’s culture. Bonderman interrupted fellow director Arianna Huffington, who was talking about female board members, to say that putting more women on a board likely would lead to more talking. He later apologized to Uber employees, and then resigned.

Bloomberg first reported Trujillo will replace Bonderman, which Uber confirmed to SiliconBeat.

What does Uber’s board look like now? Huffington is still there, as is Wan Ling Martello, the Nestle executive Uber brought in last week, and an official representing Saudi Arabia’s government investment fund.

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And despite his resignation as CEO, Kalanick still holds his board seat. He, co-founder Garrett Camp and the company’s first employee, Ryan Graves, together hold a majority of board votes.

Camp tried to bolster confidence in the tumultuous company Wednesday, tweeting that Uber will hire a great CEO and keep pushing forward.

“It’s much more stable than people think,” he wrote. “We are still here; still pushing forward.”

Photo: Foot traffic streams past Uber offices on Market Street in San Francisco, Calif, Monday evening, June 2, 2014. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

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