Most Brits can’t explain what ransomware is


Despite the fact that the media is constantly buzzing with stories of successful ransomware attacks, the general public in the UK is largely unaware of the threat.

Backup experts Acronis polled Brits, and in their report it says that 60 percent of respondents would not be able to explain what ransomware actually is. Sixteen percent “just heard of it,” while seven percent say they could “definitely” explain what ransomware is. Fifteen percent “probably could”

Acronis also says that this lack of awareness is “matched by data insecurity” among respondents. More than two thirds (69.6 percent) feel “worried” about their personal data online, and 47 percent feel vulnerable from IoT-based cyber-attacks.

However, almost no one is interested in paying up. Ninety-five percent of respondents would refuse to pay ransom for their data.

“This combative attitude, however, is not helped by the lack of measures taken to protect personal data in the first place,” said John Zanni, CMO and SVP Channel and Cloud Strategy at Acronis. “Our research revealed that 59 per cent did not have a plan in place to retrieve photos, files and data if they were hacked. And 31.9 percent admitted to opening an email or clicking on a link from a sender they didn’t know. This is why we decided to have ransomware protection built into our personal and business products.”

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