New enterprise platform streamlines getting business intelligence from big data


Although big data is currently all the rage, extracting meaningful business intelligence from it can prove costly and time consuming.

Data acceleration company Jethro is launching its latest platform offering an all-in-one enterprise solution that combines the power of indexing architecture with ‘auto-cubes’ to accelerate extracting business intelligence from big data.

Jethro 3.0 eliminates costly and labor-intensive data engineering tasks such as pre-aggregating tables, manually building cubes, or keeping up with new and changing applications. Instead, Jethro automatically creates cubes based on real-world user queries, fully-indexes all table columns, and manages an intelligent query result cache.

Unlike SQL-on-Hadoop engines that full-scan billions of rows of data for every query, Jethro makes use of its indexes, cubes and cache to process queries with much less effort and greater speed. It delivers consistently fast performance for any BI query, on any size dataset, and with any number of concurrent users. Users can interact with their BI dashboards and generate actionable business insights much more quickly than with other systems.

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Jethro 3.0 also comes with improved enterprise security features including Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication and role-based permissions, allowing customers to set clearly-defined security responsibilities within their own company. In addition it offers the ability to directly load data from Hadoop tables and an improved management GUI.

“Today’s approach to BI on Big Data is not working. Under the SQL-on-Hadoop hype lies monumental failure rates with existing approaches,” says Eli Singer, CEO of Jethro. “With a purposely built tool like Jethro, which leverages a combined automation and acceleration architecture, 3.0 provides high-performing enterprise BI at lower Big Data costs. Nobody else makes existing BI applications work on big data like Jethro.”

You can read more and view a live demo of how it works on the Jethro website.

Photo Credit: master_art/Shutterstock