New Features: Microsoft announces fresh Windows 10 Insider preview build for PC and Mobile


Microsoft is releasing a brand new Windows 10 Insider preview build and it is bringing a bevy of goodies including, a couple of new features. Along with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16184 for PC, Microsoft is also introducing Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 15208 to Windows Insiders. However, it is the PC build that has us seriously interested.

The newest Windows Insider build is introducing a slew of new features including, My People. As Microsoft describes it, the feature is about bringing the people you would like to connect with, near you.

Whether you want to share a photo, make plans for dinner, or get an answer from a friend or coworker – My People is here to take it to the next level and bring the people you care about most to the center of your experience.

Microsoft says that the tech is all about allowing you to connect easily with the people at the center of your existence. The company says that you could use this feature to do things like share pictures, make plans with other people and so on.

When you first start using the feature, Microsoft will make a couple of suggestions regarding the people you should have on your taskbar, The number is limited to 3 at present, so you can have a maximum of three buddies sitting on your taskbar for now. You can also view multiple communication apps together filtered to each person on your taskbar. What’s more, Microsoft will also remember the app you want to use to chat.

To start with, go to the Store app and make sure you have all the latest updates for the Skype, Mail, and People apps. Then click on the People icon in the taskbar to activate the first run experience and get setup.

Microsoft is also introducing a couple of new experiences with regards to gmail accounts in Windows 10 mail and calendar applications. Users will be able to experience things like  Focused Inbox and richer experiences for travel reservations and package deliveries with their gmail as well.

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Your favorite features are now available for your Google account!

Watch out when Windows prompts you to update your Gmail account because, that is when you are likely to receive the new features.

Other changes that are available with the new Insider build are as follows:

  • We fixed an issue where night light could get stuck in a disabled state.
  • Start feature updated to use the improved XAML scrollbar style announced during Creators Update development.
  • Dragging an app from Start’s All apps list into the tile grid would result in Start crashing. The issue has been fixed.
  • Since the preview picture in Start Settings only previewed background and theming changes, which are already available to be previewed on their corresponding Settings pages, Microsoft has removed it.
  • Loading performance of the Notification Settings page has been improved.
  • Some audio drivers have an “encoding Audio Processing Object” feature; this is commonly known as “Dolby Digital Live” or “DTS Connect”. This takes the output of the Windows audio engine mix, encodes it (as Dolby Digital, DTS, or some other format) and sends it out over a S/PDIF optical link for decoding by an external audio receiver. An issue was introduced which resulted in this feature no longer working, which is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue from recent flights resulting in Photos crashing if you opened a picture from the Collection page and then pressed the back button in the title back.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in Counter Strike Global Offensive hanging or freezing during game play on the latest builds (16176+).
  • Fixed the issue where pressing F12 to open the Developer Tools in Microsoft Edge while F12 is open and focused may not return focus to the tab F12 is opened against, and vice-versa.
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The update isn’t perfect yet and there are known issues like system applications crashing. Similarly, the “Save” dialog is broken in several desktop apps. The update for mobile is pretty modest and solves issues like an extra 20 second added to the shutdown process, when you tried to power off your device after switching from one network to another.

You can read more about the update, and about the team behind Windows 10, by going to this link.