New service gives enterprises self-service identity management


Increasing workforce mobility and the shift of systems to as-a-service models has meant greater need for a reliable means of controlling access and identifying legitimate users.

Identity management specialist SailPoint is launching a new service called IdentityNow Access Request that provides a simple, mobile-ready interface for delivering a self-service access request process to employees, contractors, and business partners. It’s aimed at improving IT efficiency and reducing the risk of inappropriate access by consistently enforcing organizational access policies.

The service uses the company’s existing IdentityNow governance platform, but allows IT departments to securely delegate the responsibility of managing access to other business units. This means users can request and quickly gain access to the applications they need, while reducing risks caused by over-provisioning.

It reduces the burden on IT teams of administrative and help desk ticket volume. Using IdentityNow Access Request, users can immediately request access to corporate applications and data — whether on in-house systems or in the cloud — without having to wait for IT. They’re therefore less likely to find work arounds under the radar of IT, so slowing the spread of shadow systems.

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“Our customers span the largest organizations in the world through mid-sized enterprises, but all have one thing in common: complex, hybrid IT environments that require an enterprise-grade identity governance solution,” says Dave Hendrix, SailPoint’s SVP and general manager of IdentityNow. “With access certifications, password management, provisioning, and now access request services, IdentityNow manages the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities, delivered conveniently from a cloud solution. And importantly, IdentityNow gives enterprises complete visibility into and control over user access across the entire hybrid IT environment, including on-prem and SaaS applications.”

You can find out more on the SailPoint website.

Image Credit: Kirill Wright / Shutterstock