New solution guarantees 100 percent uptime for private cloud storage


Whether public or private, one of the key factors businesses consider in choosing a cloud service is to ensure maximum availability.

Cloud storage specialist Scality is announcing its new HALO Cloud Monitor, a 24/7 solution to provide customers continuous uptime for their managed private cloud storage environments.

Designed to work with the Scality RING object storage platform, HALO continuously monitors customer environments in real time and provides predictive analytics to ensure storage systems are performing optimally. Comprehensive dashboards offer diagnostic metrics, monitoring system level statistics, component processes, memory, disk and many other key elements. It provides, user-friendly visualization of events, proactive fault and incident detection, configuration assistance and system health checks.

The HALO system uses smart learning, employing previous system behavior to define predictive range key performance indicators. These KPIs can then detect changes in the storage environment before they become problematic. Automatic alerts are triggered to notify key personnel who can then proactively respond and maintain continuous uptime.

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“Our Scality RING system is designed to be 100 percent available and now with Scality HALO we have the cloud monitoring assurance for customers to guarantee 100 percent uptime for their Scality RING and S3 environments,” says Daniel Binsfeld, VP of DevOps and Global Support at Scality. “Our customers, both service providers and enterprise companies, must deliver on strong service level agreements to their users. With Scality HALO we provide peace of mind and confidence that downtime can become a thing of the past for everyone.”

HALO comes in two program levels, a fully-featured DCS edition and a Standard version. The Standard version is available to all Scality customers for free and includes up to 15 diagnostic metrics. Scality HALO premium with a 100 percent availability guarantee is available to Scality Dedicated Care Service customers through the company’s alliance partners and global network of ISVs and resellers.

For more information visit the Scality website.

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Photo Credit: Sakonboon Sansri/Shutterstock