No Man’s Sky Will Receive Free Expansion Pack This Week


No Man’s Sky is an indie studio Hello Games production that promised a lot yet launched too soon. It is a first of its kind video game where players can explore new worlds, need to stay alive, can trade, and engage in combat. However, its most fascinating point is the procedural generation system. This technology creates from scratch new star systems, planets, and their ecosystems. Not even developers themselves know all aspects of their creation! As of recently, the company announced a major free expansion pack coming this week.

The Free Expansion Pack Will Introduce Fast Travel, New Lore, and Others

This week, Hello Games will deploy an important update for their most successful production, No Man’s Sky. The extension will focus on enriching the story of the game. On top of that, players will have new commands that will propel them faster than before throughout the universe. This fast travel option will use portals to speed up the exploration experience.

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The company dubbed the free expansion pack also known as version 1.3 as Atlas Rises. Its timing is perfect as it will appear around its one-year anniversary. The creator of Hello Games, Sean Murray, stated that the new update is nothing more than a collection of solutions to players’ requests.

“We’ve spent that year working hard on free updates for this game our team cares about so much.”

No Man’s Sky Creators Made an Eight-Week Experiment to Introduce Update 1.3 Which Consolidated Community

However, the Atlas Rises is but the third installment in a bigger project than itself dubbed as Waking Titan. This is an alternate reality game that Hello Games together with other two experts created for No Man’s Sky. It all started with a tweet on May 27th to website.

Afterward, Reddit moderators who are in charge of three No Man’s Sky pages started receiving cassette tapes. From here, the community started collaborating online to solve numerous puzzles involving passwords and mysterious glyphs. The final quest was for members to answer one question on Twitch platform: “Should I exist?” The community answered ‘yes’ which generated a video informing them that a huge update is coming their way.

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The experiment took eight weeks and managed to make a quarter of a million people from 174 different countries work together. The goal of Waking Titan was to make No Man’s Sky players discover the 1.3 update.

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