Plex Cloud lets you access your media when your server is switched off


Plex has introduced a new feature that makes it possible to store media files in the cloud.

Plex Cloud has been in beta for some time, but it’s now available to anyone with a Plex Pass subscription, and it works with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

The main benefit of this is that media collections can be accessed without the need to keep a Plex server running, but it also serves as an easier introduction to Plex for newcomers. The fact that no hardware needs to be configured is a real boon for anyone who has been put off the idea of using a media server previously — Plex claims that you will be “up and running in 60 seconds.”

But while Plex Cloud makes things rather easier in terms of setup, it does mean that things could start to get expensive. None of the supported cloud storage providers offers a huge amount of space free of charge, so there is the added monthly or annual cost of buying space if users are to enjoy Plex Cloud to its fullest.

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But there are other benefits. As well as meaning that there is now no need to leave a Plex server running around the clock in order to allow for remote access, the reliance on local upload speeds is also eliminated — once the initial uploads are out of the way at least. For anyone with an upload cap, this obstacle is also removed. As with regular Plex, any media added to Plex Cloud can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.

Check out the video to find out more about Plex Cloud:

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