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Technology has the ability to provide more power. Power is essential in the lives of all the people on the planet. In fact power is a core requirement for any meaningful existence. Even nature has provisioned for power requirements. It is this model that we are finally copying as a species. We are trying find the most sustainable means of providing power for our day to day operations.

Sustainability became a big issue after the turn of the century. Probably because there were a lot of year 2000 doomsday preparations. To prepare you do not necessarily have to do something. You can also prepare by not doing anything, especially when preparing for the end of the world. Who really cared about conserving resources when you are not even sure there will be a world in which the resource can be used?

There have been a lot of developments in the power industry. And inasmuch as sustainability has been a topic far beyond the turn of the millennia. There is still a large percentage of the world’s population that goes without power. By power we are referring to basic energy. In some regions of the world people do not even have basic energy to cook, for entertainment, infrastructure, online businesses (see toponlinecasinos.co.za as an example of online businesses). In order to complete this very basic task they have to resort to following around animals (cows, goats and sheep) collecting the dung. The unprocessed dung if burnt directly to provide energy to prepare meals.

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This is despite the fact that there is a lot of energy being supplied daily by the sun. There is also a lot of technology that can be used to harness this power. However, it is not reaching the people that need it. The equipment is priced out of the means of the billions of poor people in the world. This creates a scenario which only further marginalizes the poor.

Why We Took So Long To Adapt

Technological advancements have made it possible to start to think about new forms of power. Now we can dream of environmentally friendly energy sources. But as our dreams become realities it is still up to those in power to make the relevant policies to make the tech easily available to the poor.